Monday, September 22, 2014

Pamela’s Figgies and Jammies – Product Review

When we first learned of my son’s food allergies (more than a decade ago) I went in search of baking mixes that would be safe for him. One of my favorites – to this day – is Pamela’s Brownie Mix (click here to check out one of my earliest blog posts with the add-ins adapted to be allergen-free). Pamela’s also now makes delicious off-the-shelf products such as Whenever Bars (which really do work for whenever and one of my staples for a travel snack). But the great gluten-free and allergy friendly food vendors never stop innovating, do they?

Pamela’s recently sent me a complimentary goodie bag with some of my faves and these new Figgies and Jammies cookies:

I must note upfront that these contain milk (sweet whey powder to be exact) and processed on equipment that also processes a variety of tree nuts and peanuts – therefore not for everyone.

For all my gluten-free followers, they are processed in a dedicated gluten-free facility.

There are 10 extra-large cookies in each package. Note that one cookie is one serving (90 to 100 calories depending on the flavor), but it is indeed an extra-large cookie. They look very much like the fig-filled cookies you may remember, but each Pamela’s cookie is double the size of the traditional brand.

Having developed my own fig-filled cookie (the recipe is in The Allergy-Free Pantry), I can appreciate the concept of making these double size – in fact, I wish I had thought of it as it would make the rolling much easier!

Pamela’s Figgies and Jammies come in four flavors: Mission Fig (the most traditional), Blueberry and Fig, Raspberry and Fig, and Strawberry and Fig. They are all delicious!!

I tried blueberry and fig first and was delighted! I ate one, and when I went back later for another, they were gone. Go figure!!

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