Monday, September 8, 2014

Food Should Taste Good Brown Rice Crackers - Product Review

If it seems like I have been doing a lot of product reviews lately, it's because I am finally catching up on all of the blog posts for products cluttering up my dining room table. I love trying new products and sharing them with you. My goal is to give you the straight scoop so you can decide if you want to buy them.

Today I am focused on brown rice crackers from Food Should Taste Good. I received free samples to review. I have been a fan of the Food Should Taste Good tortilla chips for some time (olive is my favorite!) so I had high hopes for the crackers.

I must note that all of the crackers contain sesame ingredients and the sea salt crackers contain soy. Otherwise, the boxes I received were gluten-free and top-8 allergen-free. They have unique flavors -- tomato and basil, peppercorn (peppercorn seems to be popular in lots of new products lately), roasted red pepper, and the soy-containing sea salt (unfortunately I could not sample that one).

I brought the box of tomato and basil crackers to the beach along with some Applegate Farms salami for lunch, in lieu of traditional sandwiches, for me and my son.

The first thing I noticed about the crackers is the sweet taste. Checking the box, sure enough, brown sugar is the third ingredient. While each serving (10 crackers) contains only 4 grams of sugar, that sweet taste was unexpected in a savory flavor.  Perhaps if wasn't the best choice to pair with salami

On the plus side, the crackers are baked and hence low in fat. In addition to rice, they contain a host of whole grains and all natural ingredients.

If you like a sweet cracker these may be for you, but I'll stick to the tortilla chips.

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