Monday, June 6, 2011

Super Simple Breadcrumbs Using Erewhon Gluten Free Cereals

When I was a kid, Corn Flakes and Rice Krispies were my breakfast cereals of choice. Looking back on it now, I wonder if that was because the wheat-based cereals bothered my stomach too much.

Fast forward to 2011:

Among the many goodies I came home from the BlogHer Food Conference with were some coupons for Attune Foods products. I was excited to learn that Attune Foods makes Erewhon cereals. I have wanted to try the new gluten-free corn and rice cereals and I love it when I can find great gluten-free products off the shelf!

One of my favorite uses for corn flakes is as breadcrumbs. They are ridiculously simple to make. Just throw the flakes into your food processor or blender and voila!

Add salt and spices, if it makes sense with your recipe. Corn flake breadcrumbs work really well in meatballs and stuffings, and they make a great breaded topping for chicken. Puffed rice cereals can be used the same way. Try it and let me know what you think!


Alisa Fleming said...

So glad you enjoyed the corn flakes! I love using them for crumbs too, and saw a recipe on a blog (need to find that!) where they used cornflakes in combination with some other flours for coating. It sounded excellent from a textural standpoint. Thanks for sharing this Colette!

Colette said...

Yes, I think combined with flours this would make a great coating.