Monday, June 20, 2011

Square One Organic Superfood for Babies – Review and Giveaway

I’ll be honest, I don’t think much about baby food these days – my boys are both older and when they’re home they’re eating lots (and lots) of adult food. But Square One asked me if I wanted to try their Superfoods for Babies and I was intrigued. I can imagine that if you’re trying to feed a food-allergic baby it’s tough to find great options, and a little scary as you go.

First, yes! This babyfood is organic, top 8 allergen-free, and gluten-free.
They are essentially pure purees. Nothing added except water. It’s about as close as you can get to making your own baby food. In this case, Denise Henderson made them for us. As a mom of twins, one with food allergies, Denise had to find a solution and Square One was born.

My superfoods came to me frozen – you just pop them in the freezer and thaw as you go. I have to say I love the way these are packaged. They are sold two to a pack – in ¼ cup sizes just like those applesauce containers you stick in lunch boxes.

Since I have no babies in the house (and don’t plan to anytime soon) I decided to try baking with them. Fruit purees work really well as an egg replacer. I made one of my favorites – Pamela’s Products brownies.

Usually I add one cup of oil, one cup of applesauce, and ¼ cup of water. This time I substituted mango puree for the applesauce. Two little containers, and I was good to go – didn’t even have to measure.

My brownies were perfect!

So yes, I am suggesting you can bake with these, but – some of you have babies and young children to feed, hence the giveaway. You can enter to win your own gift pack worth $50, which includes:
  • 12 pack of Square One Organics Superfood Purees
  • Two week supply of SQ1 Daily Journals
  • Square One Organics Children's CD featuring 2010 American Idol Winner Lee DeWyze
  • Shipping and Handling
Now, before I go further and tell you how to enter, I need to tell you I am a HUGE American Idol fan. Just saying…

Okay back to business – How to enter:

Required: Visit the SQ1 facebook page, click the "like" button, and leave a comment here that you did so.

You can enter as many additional times as you want by doing any of the following:
1. Follow SQ1 on Twitter
2. Subscribe to the SQ1 e-newsletter.
3. Tweet about this giveaway (unlimited times). (You can do that easily by clicking the little bird below this post, or you can craft your own tweet.)

For each entry, leave another comment here so I can be sure to count you.

The giveaway ends at midnight on July 3rd.
The winner will be announced on Tuesday July 5th. Be sure to come back and check to see if you have won!

If you want to purchase Square One Super Foods, you can find them at, peapod, and at the Square One website.


Fundraisers for the Pack said...

I "liked" on fb. I have a 15 month old with peanut and egg far.
Troy. Christensen

Colette said...

Troy -- I'm hoping that your "so far" was optimism that your would have more children, not that you would expect your child to develop more allergies. Either way, thanks for entering!

Unknown said...

I just "liked" it to! I wish I had heard of this baby food sooner...looks great!

Jen said...

I "liked" your page. I have two children with level 3 food allergies. My son 15 month old son is allergic to egg whites and my 2 1/2 year old daughter is allergic to egg yolk and dairy.

Colette said...

Jen - two with food allergies -- that's tough. Thanks for entering!