Monday, June 13, 2011

Enjoy Life’s Mega Chocolate Chunks Provide New Options

Just the other day I was chatting with my mom while baking, and she asked what I was making. When I told her I was working on a dinner roll recipe she was surprised. “It’s not chocolate?” she asked.

“Well I can’t make just brownies and chocolate cakes,” I responded.

But… if you’ve visited here before, chances are you know I love chocolate. And there are days when only chocolate will do…

Like yesterday, when I decided to try the new Mega Chunks chocolate chips that the folks from Enjoy Life Foods sent me.

The best things about allergen-free chocolate are:

1. It’s always dark chocolate. (I was never a fan of milk chocolate anyway.)

2. They are made with the best ingredients.

3. They now come in all sizes and shapes.

For a while, allergen-free chocolate options were limited, and if you needed chocolate chips made without soy lecithin, the only option I could find was Enjoy Life’s mini chocolate chips. The mini-chips tasted great, but they disappeared in brownies and muffins.

Sometimes you just need a substantial chunk of chocolate. Are you with me?

With the Mega Chunks, Enjoy Life gives us that – with the same great taste, and the same ingredients (no milk, nuts, soy, or gluten). These are substantial enough to eat by the handful (yeah, I admit it), they are great for melting down, or adding to chocolate muffins.

I love the chocolate options I now have for allergen-free baking. Between these chocolate chunks, the mini Enjoy Life chips, and Divvies chocolate chips, I have every size I need!

What do you love about allergen-free chocolate?


Alisa Fleming said...

Ooh, I haven't tried them yet. I can't wait! I love dark chocolate too.

Jean | Delightful Repast said...

Colette, I have been meaning to hunt for one of your previous recommendations, the Enjoy Life mini semi-sweet chocolate chips. I prefer the minis, maybe because the chocolate is my least favorite part of the chocolate chip cookie! (I know! That isn't even normal! LOL)

Colette said...

Jean, you could always make the cookies without the chocolate chips -- ha ha -- that would leave more chocolate for the rest of us :-)