Monday, June 11, 2012

Namaste Foods Pasta Meals – A Great Find!

 When I was at the Gluten-Free Expo in Chicago earlier this spring, one of my favorite new finds was the Namaste Foods pasta meals, and I was lucky enough to receive a sample to review.

I’ve been a big fan of Namaste Foods baking mixes and their Perfect Flour Blend because they are super allergy friendly – made in a dedicated facility that is gluten-free and free of wheat, dairy, nuts, soy, corn and potato. The products are always fabulous and consistent.

The Namaste Foods pasta is rice-based, but the mixes are so much more than just pasta. Each package includes the seasoning – all you need to add is oil. There are no adaptations required to be able to make this top-8 allergen-free.

A featured ingredient is shelled hemp seed. If you have visited here in the past, you know that hemp is a favorite of mine, and it lends a great flavor here that is combined with other seasonings and natural flavors. There are three mixes– Pasta Pisavera (featured here), Taco Pasta, and Say Cheez (which contains no actual milk or cheese).

I am in love with these mixes. While I can easily find gluten-free and allergen-free pastas to make at home, what makes these meals so special is that you can create a meal in just a few minutes. It’s also perfect for those occasions when you need to bring your own meal to an event for your food-allergic family member, or to take with you to grandma’s house to prepare there. It takes just one pot to prepare. Super-simple!

Add some chicken, ground beef, beans, or fresh veggies, and you can really spruce it up. I added garbanzo beans to the Pasta Pisavera pictured above.

And they taste great! No one will know it’s gluten-free pasta, and everyone will think you slaved over the stove to make a delicious sauce. This is one I will keep stocked. Have you tried them yet? What do you think?

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