Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Aquafaba French Toast

Aquafaba is hot! Not literally, you will nearly always use it room temperature, but the liquid from a can of beans (yup, that's aquafaba) can be used for so many things it's a wonder we haven't heard more about if before now.

My latest invention is Aquafaba French Toast. I've been yearning for an egg-free French Toast. I have tried it with flaxseed gel, but it's messy and sticks to the pan. Aquafaba, on the other hand, works beautifully!

Aquafaba French Toast

Start with any safe bread. This can be homemade (top-8 allergen-free bread recipes are available in The Allergy-Free Pantry and Learning to Bake Allergen-Free) or off-the-shelf. French Toast tends to work best with slightly stale or stiff bread.

Use the liquid from one can one chickpeas. Instead of pouring it down the sink, drain the beans and preserve the liquid. Aquafaba can be refrigerated or frozen and used later. Whisk the liquid (as you would whisk eggs if you were making traditional French Toast) until it is frothy:

 Soak the bread until the liquid is absorbed:

Cook in a pre-heated skillet with a safe oil, until browned on both sides and serve with real maple syrup. Powdered sugar is optional:

Try it, I think you'll love it!

For more aquafaba recipes, see Aquafaba Mayo and Aquafaba Meringues.