Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Are You Ready for Halloween? These Treats from Free2B Might Help!

Fifteen tears ago, I dreaded Halloween. My son was about 10 and we had just figured out what foods he needed to avoid. And, short of lollipops, there was virtually no safe candy for him. I tried looking for something to swap out for him -- something without milk, peanuts, or possible contamination -- and it just wasn't available. He quickly took on the role of Chief of Handing Out Candy at our front door so that he could participate safely.

So much has changed, and yes! for the better. Most in our community are painting pumpkins teal and collecting their stash of non-food treats. (Why didn't we think of this years ago?) But we also now have delicious, safe, top-8 allergen-free candy options, including these Sun Cups from Free2B Foods. 

Disclosure: Free2B foods sent me a sample pack of Halloween candy for review.

I am sooooo excited about these. I will note that the bag has been sitting on the kitchen table for a few days and my husband has asked every night if he can have one. Nope, he's not getting any, even after I finish this review. I am saving them for Halloween!! And, if there are any leftover, they are going in a care package to my son (who is allergic to dairy and peanuts, among other foods).

These treats are every bit as good as I expected. They come in both dark chocolate and "plain" chocolate varieties. The lighter chocolate is simply made with a lower percentage of cocoa. Care to guess which is my favorite?

If you are looking for more options for Halloween candy, check out the allergy-friendly Halloween candy guide by Kids with Food Allergies.

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