Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bare Chips Product Review

I love products that have very simple ingredients lists -- and that is what I found when I read the labels on these "chips" by Bare Foods.

 Disclaimer: Bare Foods sent me complementary samples of these products to try.

The apple chips contain simply, apples.

The crunchy coconut chips contain coconut, cane sugar, and sea salt. The chocolate bliss crunchy coconut chips contain coconut, coconut nectar (a sweetener) and unsweetened chocolate. The labels for the coconut chips carry a "contains tree nuts" warning due to the FDA's (mis)classification of coconut as a nut.

I found that these chips did live up to the slogan "Snacks Gone Simple."

They taste great and they are indeed "bare." Because of the limited ingredients, they can be added to whatever baking or cooking project you have, or just eat them plain. Gotta love it!

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Kathryn @ Mamacado said...

We love these chips! Although I've never tried the coconut or chocolate. YUM.