Monday, April 14, 2014

Ian’s Frozen Foods – Product Review

There are a handful of companies that I can rely on when it comes to foods for multiple food allergies and Ian’s Natural Foods is one of them. They recently sent me some samples of their new frozen foods to try. Among the options available top-8 allergen-free are chicken tenders, onion rings, French toast sticks, and French Bread Pizza.

I was intrigued about how they would make French Toast without eggs; it turns out that these are made from a rice-based cinnamon bread, and then coated with a batter of flour and sweeteners. An interesting concept!

I tried the chicken tenders with onion rings for dinner. I love that the chicken tenders are made from real chicken (no fillers, no hormones, and no antibiotics). Both of these foods are coated with a crumbly corn-based batter. The onion rings are the crunchy type of onion ring (as opposed to the smooth batter type you might be used to). I served them up with some sliced avocado and salad.

My meal was tasty and satisfying. Prep was simple – just heat and serve – making it a great option for a quick dinner after a stressful day. All of these foods should be kept frozen.

Note that the servings are small – for example, one box of chicken tenders is just two servings. (What you see pictured above is half of what's in the box.) If you are buying to feed the whole family you will need more than one box.

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