Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Grass Roots Food Allergy Movement – Take the Pledge

NAAC Take the Pledge
We all know that moms will do anything to protect their kids. And we know that moms of children with food allergies have to be strong advocates for their kids. And many of those moms go well beyond advocating for their own children by starting support groups and driving an agenda for change.

What happens when a group of these special moms and advocates put their heads together to move a cause forward?

The National Allergy and Anaphylaxis Council happens!

This new organization is led by volunteers/advocates who care – most of whom are already strong advocates for the food allergy community. Their mission is to raise awareness regarding food allergies and anaphylaxis and advocate for the fair treatment, inclusion, and safety of those diagnosed with this hidden disability.

Kudos to Gina Lee, Lisa Horne, Thanita Glancey, Karen Harris, Yael Kozar, Caroline Moassessi, Amelia Smith Murphee, Lisa Giuriceo, Christina Stainkamp, and Aleasa Word for starting this movement.

But their voices alone are not enough.

Would you like to add your voice? Take the pledge!


Diane said...

This great! Usually groups and Associations represent either just the top 8 allergens or very specific allergies. Our daughter's most dangerous allergy is corn which is hardly ever mention and even more poorly understood. TY for sharing this one!

Colette said...

Diane, thanks for your support!

I feel for you -- corn is tough. I truly wish corn were included in the labeling laws.

Aleasa Word said...

Thank you very much for your support Colette!