Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lots of Goodies (and More Tuffles!)

My son is home for a few days for spring break, and since he missed out on my February truffle mania, I decided I need to make a few more for him. But first, I knew he'd be longing for some brownies, so I baked up a batch of Raspberry Brownie Bites:

For this recipe I use Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free Brownie Mix (with substitutions). The recipe is in my upcoming book!

Now, about those truffles. They all start with the basic truffle recipe. I added chopped sweetened cranberries to one batch, and orange zest to the other, then I coated them with three different toppings:

Ground crisped rice cereal (I used Erewhon gluten-free)
Natural unsweetened cocoa powder
Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips (oh my, these are decadent!)


To coat the truffles with cocoa or crisped rice cereal, simply roll them in their topping. To make the chocolate chip coated truffles, you will need to gently press the truffles into the chocolate chips. This is best done when the truffles are cold.

My new all-time favorite are Cranberry Truffle Pops with Mini Chips:

At least I don't have to eat them all myself!


Anonymous said...

Now, you've done it! I'm going to have to drop everything and make a batch of brownies. I make mine in a mini muffin pan too.

I don't even want to talk about those truffles. They're just wicked! ;) You're getting to be quite the candy maker. Good job.

Colette said...

Rogene, I really have to stop making truffles, but I keep dreaming up new variations. And since Patrick is home -- well, they disappear fast :-)