Monday, January 30, 2012

You Can Help North Mountain Pastures Build an Aging Room

Every now and then I run across a cause worth supporting, and this blog post is about one of them. I just recently learned about Kickstarter, a new way to fund to creative projects. It allows anyone to find supporters to help fund a project. It's not an investment (not directly at least) and it's not a charity. It's a way to help fund projects that you have an interest in. Projects are only funded if they reach their goal.

North Mountain Pastures is run by my niece and her husband, and they are seeking funding to build an aging room to make their own salami, bacon, and other cured meats. Today they raise their own grass-fed pigs on their Pennsylvania farm, and want to be able to process the meats at their own farm. Here you can see them talking about their project:

Why should you care? You would be supporting a local, sustainable food system. Especially those in the Pennsylvania area would benefit, but anyone can invest.

What do you get in return?
Contributors who give at least $50 or more will receive processed meats in return. Check out the North Mountain Pastures project page to learn more and to find out what you will get at each funding level.

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