Thursday, September 15, 2011

Allergy Eats Goes Mobile

When Paul Antico sent me the press release about the new Droid and iPhone Allergy Eats apps, my reaction was, “Yes!!”

I’ve been asking for this app. I’ve been waiting for this app. Now it’s here!

I love the Allergy Eats site – it’s extremely helpful in finding restaurants that can accommodate my family’s food allergy restrictions. But I don’t need help when I’m home, by my computer. I know the local restaurants. When I need help is when I’m on the road, and we need to find a place to stop for lunch.

I’ve tried accessing the Allergy Eats website from my Droid X – but it’s a little too hard to use that way. The Droid app solves that problem, making it very easy to use. The interface is simple, and a quick search gives me the information I need including restaurants, location/contact info, and reviews.

I also tried the app on my iPad. If you download it on the iPad you’re stuck with the iPhone app (which is essentially a small screen on an iPad). I wasn’t too thrilled with that, but the Allergy Eats website can easily be accessed on my iPad using the web browser. I prefer it that way and so does Paul Antico who says that the iPad format will be the website. The use experience with the iPhone app is the same as the Droid app – very easy to use.

Here's an idea of what to expect:

Both apps can be downloaded directly from the app stores for the devices, and they are free! Yippee!

I expect to be getting a lot of use out of the Droid app over the next few months, as we will be traveling to new places for my son’s water polo tournaments.

Have you tried the app yet? What do you think?


Morganne's Mommy said...

I just found out about this website today and I already love it! I wish I would ave found it sooner. I saw on the home page that you now have a mobile app and quickly downloaded it. All I can say is thank you SO much for creating this app. It makes taking my 3 year old daughter (who has food allergies) out to eat so much less hectic!

Colette said...

Morganne's Mommy, welcome! Just to clarify, the Allergy Eats app is not mine -- Paul Antico, founder of Allergy Eats owns that. I agree -- it's great isn't it?

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