Monday, July 11, 2011

Enjoy Life Crunchy Cookies

A few weeks ago Enjoy Life Foods sent me some of their new crunchy cookies. I love it when I get boxes of goodies to try. It was hard not to open the boxes right away, but I waited until I was with my food-allergic son so we could taste them together.

Spoiler alert: This is my favorite Enjoy Life product yet!

I'm an Enjoy Life fan. I always have chocolate chips and now the mega-chocolate chunks in my pantry for my baking projects, but it's nice to have a box of cookies you can just open and enjoy. I like the Enjoy Life soft-baked cookies; my favorite is the double chocolate brownie, and my son's favorite is snicker-doodle. I love the new crunchy cookies.

The folks at Enjoy Life revamped their formula to make the new crunchy cookies. While the soft-baked cookies are made with sorghum flour, the crunchy cookies are made with a mix of rice, buckwheat, and millet flours. In my opinion, it's the buckwheat that's the secret weapon here -- an ingredient you don't often find in a product like this.

Yes, they're more fragile than the soft-baked cookies. I don't recommend putting them in a plastic bag in your handbag. (But they taste just as good broken as they do whole.)

My son's favorite was the sugar cookies. Mine? Why the double chocolate, of course.

Have you tried them yet? What did you think?

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Alisa Fleming said...

I'm with your little one, the sugar were my favorite!