Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'll Be Speaking At BlogHer Food in Atlanta

Last year I attended my first BlogHer conference in New York City. I was surrounded by bloggers of all types, and it was a blast. This year I decided to attend the BlogHer Food conference, and I have big news -- I will be speaking on a panel about creating and adapting recipes for people with special food needs.
I'm Speaking!

I'll be in great company, sharing the stage with:

Alicia Simpson from Vegan Comfort Food, Sarina Shasteen from Non-Dairy Queen, and one of my personal heroes, Alisa Fleming from Go Dairy Free.

The conference is May 20th and 21st. You can find the complete agenda here.

If you're planning to be there please let me know. I'd love to meet you!


Food Allergy said...

Thanks for information. Was very useful for me . I ve learnt something more since i am doing a research at this topic

Alisa Fleming said...

Oh you are too sweet! Can't wait for the event, I think we'll have loads of fun :)

I went to BlogHer Food in October (haven't been to the big BlogHer event) and it is a really good time and semi-intimate since there are only a few hundred people.

Colette said...

Alisa, I'm sure it will be great! Can't wait to meet you.