Thursday, January 27, 2011

An Easy Corn Bread Mix

I was really excited to come across this Cornbread and Muffin Mix from Pamela’s Products and couldn’t wait to try it. I am a fan of Pamela’s gluten-free baking mixes, but haven’t been able to use the Ultimate Baking and Pancake Mix due to milk ingredients, and this seemed like a good alternative for dinner rolls or muffins.

So last week when I was brewing up a batch of broccoli and cauliflower soup for an annual soup swap coming up this weekend (which of course we had to sample for dinner), I thought of the cornbread. Don’t you think cornbread goes well with veggie soups?

As usual, I needed to make some adjustments to the added ingredients to make it allergen-free – the recipe on the package calls for eggs, butter, sugar, and water.

I used:

1 package Pamela’s Products Cornbread and Muffin Mix
1/3 cup agave nectar (instead of sugar)
½ cup melted coconut oil (instead of butter)
½ cup applesauce (to replace the two eggs)
1 cup water

I baked it for 23 minutes and voila!

I’ve just started to try using coconut oil in my recipes. Even though it’s oil, it’s really a solid and behaves more like shortening. If you need to avoid coconut due to an allergy (or just prefer not to use it) then Earth Balance shortening would also work.

The mix contains rice, corn, tapioca, and potato flours.

Corn bread anyone?

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