Friday, March 5, 2010

Going Out to Eat?

Chances are you have visited many of the restaurants in your local area with your food-allergic family. And chances are you have had some great experiences at some, and not so great experiences at others. We always hope that the latter is not the case, but we know it happens.

I’m sure you have your favorite restaurants – the ones you know you can eat at safely – that will let you substitute and adapt to your needs. And I’m sure you’ve been to restaurants where a server didn’t take your food allergies seriously.

Paul Antico just launched Allergy Eats, a new resource for food-allergic families to help them find allergy-friendly restaurants. Allergy Eats provides a searchable database with reviews of restaurants across the US. Now I have to place to go to search for a restaurant when we go on vacation. And, I have a place to let others know about a bad experience that I had on my last vacation.

We all can help each other out by populating the Allergy Eats database with our reviews. It’s easy – just answer three quick questions about the restaurants you visit.

Personally, I think every restaurant should be aiming for a 5-star allergy friendly review. Paul Antico gets five gold stars for bringing us this great tool.

Check it out and let me know what you think with a comment.

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