Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Camel Milk? Uh, I Don’t Think So…

I have long since given up drinking cow’s milk. I am not allergic to milk and I won’t go out of my way to avoid it for myself. But my son is allergic to milk, and he must avoid it at all costs. And so (as the story goes) I gave up buying cow’s milk more than a decade ago, choosing to use hemp milk or coconut milk instead. (You probably know that all of the recipes I develop are dairy-free.)

English: Sahara camel calf feeding from her mother
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I can live a complete and fulfilling life without dairy.

Along my journey of writing cookbooks for families with food allergies, I discovered that humans are the only mammals that drink another mammals milk. Yup, all that “(cow’s) milk is good for you” messaging from the government is, well – malarkey.

And while I can’t yet claim the same strict ethical diet that vegans do, I am finding myself more and more repulsed by cow’s milk. Just as I walk very quickly by the bread in the “gluten aisle” of the grocery store, I breeze right by the dairy case. No need to linger there. Dairy, I don’t need you.

So when an article popped up in my inbox about camel milk being the next new milk, it went immediately to trash. I can deal with people embracing almond milk (not everyone is allergic to nuts), but camel milk? I say, “No, thank you.” Please don’t ask me to try it. Please don’t ask me to review it. What about you?

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