Monday, April 8, 2013

Your Biggest Food Issues

We all know that understanding what food(s) to avoid and finding them is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to food allergies. Am I right?

There are so many more issues when it comes to safe food, and today I want to know what’s top of mind for you. Which of the following are your biggest concerns? Choose as many as you like, and feel free to write in other food issues in the comments. Thanks!

What are your biggest food issues?


Diane said...

Our dd has a lengthy list of allergies- but the one that is truly life changing for our whole family is her allergy to corn.

Corn is used to make vitamins,medications,toilet paper,shampoos,soaps,materials in cars, vinegar,alcohol, rinsing meat and fish, wax on fruits and veggies, in packaging, in clothes, carpets,even what beef,pork and chicken are fed can cause reactions and so much more. I named just a few constant challenges.

Some folks are allergic to just direct corn(labeled corn-lite). But a rapidly growing segment of the corn allergy population are also allergic to ANY corn contamination- think peanut allergy or celiac and some more sensitive then that..

Add soy,dairy, and gluten and you are spending a great deal of time sourcing even a very limited diet.

The numbers of those allergic to corn has been rapidly growing since the mid-90's- yet most allergists and Drs. only recommend looking for "corn" on labels. There a number of terrific blogs now that provide long long lists of chemical names to be wary of when avoiding corn. The printout I keep in my purse is 3 pages long. Thankfully corn allergic patients everywhere are doing a great job of sharing the research and lists with the medical community,friends and family. Hopefully, one day corn and all the hidden corn will be required on the labels- but considering it is the backbone of our economy and the GMO empire, I am not holding my breath.

Colette said...

Diane, you make such a good point about corn. What you describe is how I felt before the FACLPA -- when none of the allergens were clearly labeled. Anyone with an allergy not included in the top 8 has a tough time, but corn is especially tough because so many other "foods" are derived from it (or portions of it).