Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef – Cookbook Review

It has taken me a while to get through Shauna and Daniel Ahern’s award-winning Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef that I received as a Christmas gift. Why? Because it’s chock-full of exquisite meal ideas, stories, and most importantly – tips for both making and eating great gluten-free food. I have a feeling that the authors would appreciate me savoring every bite of their work.

The focus of the book is not individual recipes, but meals. I love that the authors give you the whole plate – not meats, then sides. And they really do seem to love veal!

This is not a cookbook for vegetarians, vegans, or those with allergies to milk, eggs, or nuts. There is quite a bit of milk in the recipes, as well as cream and cheese – lots and lots of cheese. For example, the crème brulee is almost all eggs, milk, and cream.

Danny Ahern gives a brief tutorial (one page) on gluten-free baking, and like most gluten-free bakers he recommends adding extra protein to gluten-free breads by adding more eggs or milk, but of course, that’s not an option for those of us who need to bake without milk and eggs. Nevertheless, there are some recipes like gluten-free focaccia bread that I think I can adapt. And I can’t wait to try the gluten-free crackers!

Despite the lack of allergen-free recipes, I am gushing over this book, and recommend that everyone add it to their cookbook collection. For me, it’s not about the recipes; it’s all about the ideas.

Vietnamese cinnamon? I have to try that! Making a port reduction sauce? I bet I can do that without butter! Millet tabouleh? That’s one I can try as is!

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Allergy Mum said...

Thanks for the review & the info about the dairy & egg found in the book. This was a book I was looking at buying, but perhaps a trip to the library might be better if there is so much about dairy & egg in things.
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