Thursday, May 27, 2010

Welcome to the Living With Food Allergies Blog Carnival

It's once again time for the Living With Food Allergies blog carnival, which I have the privilege of hosting this time around!

Jenn Casey shares one of her favorite posts from Food Allergy Awareness Week, Food Allergy Awareness Week: An Interview with Ryan posted at Rational Jenn.

And Shannon shares two of her posts from Food Allergy Awareness week Our Food Allergy Story: Chapter 1 and Going Dairy-Free posted at It's My Time to Write.

Thanita discusses the struggles food-allergic children face at school with The Valuable Lesson of Exclusion posted at Vicky's Ickies.

Melinda shares her perspective as a parent with Playdates, Impressions and Following Your Heart posted at This Mama's Heart.

Ruth LovettSmith reinforces the need to continue to educate and advocate with Food Allergy Testing and Statistics posted at Allergy Guide - Best Allergy Sites.

Food Allergy Assistant reminds us about food allergy studies and blood tests to detect food allergy risk with two posts: Food Allergy Research Centers and Blood Test For Risk of Food Allergy from Food Allergy Assistant.

Lyzz Jones discusses the difficulties of eating allergen-free with What's the hardest part about eating allergen-free? posted at Food Fight.

And Trista finds the positive side of living with food allergies with The upside of food allergies posted at Food Allergy Families.

Alison at Sure Foods Living - gluten-free and allergen-free living shares an upcoming event inspired by Jamie Oliver's recent TV show 30 Days to a Food Revolution as well as a great find in instant cereal Eco-Planet gluten-free instant hot cereal.

Jenny from The Nut-Free Mom Blog brings us Peanut Allergy and "The Brown Bag Lunch", and Food Allergies and Memorial Day--Safety Tips for a Fun Time .

Karen at Avoiding Milk Protein makes us think about the movement to change how we use the word milk with The Word Milk.

Alisa shares her dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free, soy-free cinnamon rolls Celebrating with Cinnamon Rolls posted at Go Dairy Free.

And check out another great allergen-free and gluten-free recipe from Alisa: Hearty Maple Cinnamon Muffins (Gluten-Free) posted at One Frugal Foodie.

Heidi Bayer shares Allergy Free: Our Day In Food + Pictures posted at Brooklyn Allergy Mom's Blog, including a recipe for fluffy applesauce flapjacks.

Jenni Hilton (a Mom with a child in daycare who shares a classroom with a peanut-allergic child) presents Peanut free snack ideas for the classroom posted at Eternal Thoughts from a Sunshine Mind. Kudos to Jenni for setting such a great example!

And while you're here at Learning to Eat Allergy Free, I invite you to check out How Common Are Food Allergies?

Thanks to everyone who participated for sharing their views, news, and recipes. What a way to wrap up allergy awareness month!

You can participate in the next Living With Food Allergies blog carnival by using the carnival submission form. Past issues can be found at the blog carnival index page.

Many thanks to Jennifer at Food Allergy Buzz for making this carnival possible.


Unknown said...

Thanks for hosting, Colette! And thanks to everyone who submitted a blog post. Great carnival!

Warren Baldwin said...

Some great links, thanks.