Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rudi’s New, Fluffier, Gluten-Free Bread – Product Review

Do you miss fluffy bread? You remember, don’t you? Bread that you can push down like a sponge and it pops back? When Rudi’s sent me some coupons to try their new “fluffier” bread, I was intrigued. Could it be possible that they have created gluten-free bread that is indeed fluffy? Let’s find out.

First and foremost I most note that this bread contains egg – egg whites to be exact – and therefore off-limits for those with egg allergies. Beyond that, the ingredients are top-8 allergen-free.

This bread can be found in the frozen section – no surprise there. Upon inspection (after thawing), I can see that the slices are a bit larger than the typical allergen-free/gluten-free frozen bread, and they are indeed fluffier – at least a bit.

I did notice that some slices broke as I separated them, but perhaps that’s the price we pay for fluffiness.

I still felt the need to toast the bread before making my sandwich. Did I need to, or was that just habit? I think light toasting was a good choice as my sliced chicken and avocado sandwich was quite yummy!

The bread is moist and the whole grain version I chose tastes great. I am very happy with this bread and will definitely choose it again. Now, if only someone would make a really great off-the-shelf egg-free bread…


Jean | said...

I've tried several Rudi's products and enjoyed them, but I haven't seen this one. Maybe I'll have to request it at my local natural foods store.

Question: I recently read somewhere that it is the white, not the yolk, that causes the allergy. Is that true or a myth?

Colette said...

Jean, that's correct -- the egg white is what usually causes egg allergy. The white is where the protein is -- and it's the proteins in food that cause food allergies. That said, it's virtually impossible to completely separate the yolk from the white, so for most with egg allergies all egg is off limits.