Thursday, October 4, 2012

Attune Foods New Buckwheat & Hemp Cereal

Whenever a new gluten-free and allergen-free food comes along, I lament the fact that I live more than two hours from a Whole Foods – and of course, that’s where all the new products hit the shelves first. So I was very lucky that Annelies at Attune Foods offered to send me a box of the new Erewhon Buckwheat and Hemp Cereal to try.

The cereal combines two of my favorite foods – buckwheat and hemp. Really, how could it be anything other than fabulous?

The biggest decision I had to make when I tried the cereal was whether to try it first with coconut milk or hemp milk, and decided to go with coconut (but either would have worked quite well).

This cereal is most reminiscent of the bran flakes in raisin bran, although there is no bran (or wheat) in it at all. Nevertheless, adding raisins on top of a bowl of this tasty cereal would make a great treat, and you could probably fool someone into thinking it was raisin bran.

Buckwheat and brown rice form the flakes, while the hemp seeds give it a bit of crunch. A tiny bit of maple syrup has been added as a sweetener, but this remains a very low sugar cereal (6 grams per serving).

This cereal is unlike any gluten-free and allergen-free cereal I have tried, and a great addition to the breakfast table. Thanks Attune Foods for a great product!


Lexie said...

Ooooh, gotta try!

Anonymous said...

Great for that cereal craving. I love this. Mix it with Nature's Path for a great balanced flavor.