Monday, February 6, 2012

Like, Watch, Share!

I’ve been busy as a bee lately finding new ways to create and share great allergen-free and gluten-free content with you.

First, I’m excited to unveil my new facebook page, the Allergen-Free Baker. But I’m feeling a little bit lonely there, so please head on over and click “like” so you can be sure to get all of my updates. As we get closer to the launch of my book (have I mentioned that my book is coming soon?) I’ll be doing some fun stuff (including giveaways) there.

You will also notice that I’ve put up a link to my You Tube channel, AllergenFreeBaker, so you can easily subscribe to my channel and get video updates. It’s been a while since I’ve posted a new video, but be sure to stay tuned – I have some exciting videos planned.

And, if you like to tweet, you might want to note that I have changed my twitter handle from @cfmjewels (what was I thinking?) to @colettefmartin. If you were already following me on twitter, no need to make any updates – the feed changes automatically.

As always, thank you for following, liking, watching, and sharing!


Vance Miller said...

Congrats on the upcoming book. You should run a "like" contest on your Facebook page. Who ever gets the most people to "like" their comment on your page would get a free copy of your book or something like it. Cheers.

Colette said...

Vance, great idea! I will definitely do some kind of book giveaways as we get closer to launch date! Keep an eye out for them!