Monday, April 25, 2011

Purely Decadent Coconut Frozen Dessert

The snow is melting, and before long it will be ice cream season. Ice cream has been one of the treats we haven’t enjoyed much in the past few years due to food allergies. The rice substitutes just don’t do it for me, and my son and I are both allergic to soy.

Last summer we discovered Tempt non-dairy ice cream made from hemp, and it is definitely a must-try for the milk allergic or the lactose intolerant. More recently we discovered Purely Decadent frozen desserts made with coconut milk.

When I picked up this product to read the label I fully expected it to have eggs in it, or in the case of this cookie dough flavor – wheat. Much to my surprise I discovered that the only food allergens listed were soy (due to lecithin) and coconut (which is a rare allergy). Woo-hoo!!

After trying it, I have to say that I think the folks who made this product are absolutely brilliant for not using wheat cookies. The “cookie dough” is made from brown sugar, rice, and dairy-free chocolate chips.

I found the “ice cream” itself to be very creamy, without too much of a coconut taste. That said, I must tell you that my husband discarded his due to what he called a distinct coconut taste. But that’s okay – more for the rest of us!


Gail for So Delicious Dairy Free said...

Hi Colette! Thank you for your tasty review. We're delighted you discovered and are enjoying our gluten-free Cookie Dough Coconut Milk ice cream, and we hope you'll explore some of our other gluten-free flavors, too (like Turtle Trails, Pomegranante Chip, and Mocha Almond Fudge!) Since it sounds like your husband is not a big fan of coconut, he may prefer our soy-based ice cream, including the gluten-free Cookie Dough flavor! Here are some money-saving coupons you can use to try these or any of our other delicious dairy-free products:

Colette said...

Gail, thanks so much! Unfortunately we have soy allergies, so the soy versions are out for us.

Stephanie said...

I love this ice cream also. Being allergic to dairy and gluten it has been a life saver for me :)