Monday, February 7, 2011

The New Enjoy Life Cookies are Here!

If you live in the US, chances are sometime in the next couple of months your doorbell will ring and you will be greeted by a girl in a green uniform selling cookies. But those Girl Scout cookies that I remember selling door to door are full of food allergens and I always feel badly when I tell today’s scouts that we can’t buy her cookies.

One company I can always count on when I am looking for foods that allergen-free and gluten-free is Enjoy Life. I use their chocolate chips in many of my recipes, and I rely on their on-the-go packaged snacks when I need to throw something in my purse or a lunch bag for my son. So I was thrilled when Enjoy Life sent me some of their new and improved cookies to try.

I started with the Double Chocolate Brownie cookies (because if there’s a choice I always choose chocolate). Like the original formula these cookies are still soft baked, making them more cake-like than your standard cookie. And like the original they are completely free of the top eight allergens and gluten. Most importantly, they are made in a dedicated facility, so food allergy Mom’s can be very confident when they buy these.

The new cookies are not a big departure from the original – I’d call the new formula more of a tweak than a change, with just a bit of a sweeter and smoother taste. The chocolate brownie cookies have the great Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips in them – perfect for true chocolate lovers!

Checking the package validates what my taste buds told me. The new formula is very similar to the old, with just a bit more sugar (13 grams per serving compared with 12 grams per serving for the double chocolate brownie cookies) and 10 more calories per serving (130 calories).

If you liked the originals I think you will definitely be happy with the new formula!


Susan Weissman said...

We like these cookies in taste and texture already but our problem with them is that they go stale very fast. I've never found a way to store them so they stay fresh which makes it a pricey purchase.

Colette said...

I definitely don't have that problem! I think you could separate these into smaller packages and freeze some.

Tali212 said...

We inhale these cookies. My little guy calls them choci choci.

Colette said...

Tali212, too cute! clearly a chocoholic in the making!

Alina Tylman said...

So glad you love the cookies everyone! Be on the lookout for our 6 new products, hitting your store shelves soon!

- Alina Tylman
Marketing Associate
Enjoy Life Foods